Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hetty has moved house

Hetty's moved house.

No don't worry, we still have her here; loved, fed and watered. But you remember the wooden apple box she was living in? Well they have carrying handles and we've discovered that 5oz hoglets can squeeze themselves through carrying handles and escape around the house!

We popped out again yesterday, but this time we learned from past mistakes and put a lid on top of her house.

But oh no. Hetty is evidently a long distance cousin of Houdini and we found her missing again when we got back.

This time she was lying under the woodburner looking a bit sorry for herself. (That's the pic at the top).

Half an hour later she was lying on a piece of wood underneath the fire with her body pushed right up against the bottom of the fireplace.

The poor mite must have been freezing.

So she now has new housing. It's a plastic box with high sides and no carrying handles! We've made some holes in the lid for her to breathe. And we're yet to see if she can escape through the breathing holes.

Apparently a fully grown adult hedgehog can get through a 4 inch square gap, so it's no surprise Hetty got out of her apple box in search of warmer pastures.

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