Saturday, 4 October 2008

Hetty the mischievous orphan hedgehog escapes!

By yesterday afternoon we hadn't seen Hetty since the previous night. We felt that this was perfect; she was getting into a hedgehog rhythm of sleeping during the day. We expected to see her around 6pm ready for some food and attention.

So we went about our day which involved popping out for an hour.

When we got back the first thing I checked was her box. She had been up, eaten some food, paddled in the water and rearranged her sleeping quarters.

Dh checked her bed and instead of this (good little Hetty in her box):

We found this (wayward Hetty running around the dining room):

Yes, it was a rather mischievous looking Hetty, peering at me from the corner of her eye in front of the door. Come on - just look at that dear little face. She had clearly been on quite an adventure as she was carrying cobwebs on her back.

She loved running across the floor as fast as her little undercarriage would let her. The cat came in and ignored her - looking at Hetty as if it were far too much effort to run when you could simply stretch out in front of the fire.

We took the opportunity to clean out Hetty's box while she exercised her legs and then put her back in with some cat food to try. She wasn't impressed with the cat food and sulked off back to bed for the afternoon.

The life of an orphaned hoglet is pretty neat so far I should say........

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